Wild at Heart BASIC is not a retreat about the "seven things a man ought to do to be a nicer guy."   

It is an immersive journey to recover the masculine heart.  

Give yourself permission... to explore your deepest desires, to reawaken passion, and connect to the goodness and nobility of your heart.  

To know yourself... to find a life worth living, to love a woman deeply, and raise children well, you simply must get your heart back.  

Join us.


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   Here is an audio interview with men who experienced the RTG Boot Camp in 2022

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Why should I attend this? 

  • Cabins sleep 6-8. We hope to provide mostly bottom bunks so you can expect 3-4 per cabin.
    >>Bring sleeping bag or linens and blanket, pillows, and towels.!<< Six RV sites (full hookups) are available for extra $30 per night, send email to [email protected] if interested.

  • We will ensure you have power outlets

Suggested Amounts

  • On site, managed by Anchored camp. There is an excellent arena with logs boards walls and obstacles.

  • Guided trip in Canoes on Suwanee River. Must have a minimum of 20 max of 40. Transport upstream, put in canoes, and paddle with the current back to Anchored Camp. Depending on interest level we will choose 45 min or 2 hr trip or swap on Fri/Sat

  • Guided trip in Canoes on Suwanee River. Must have a minimum of 20 max of 40. Transport upstream, put in canoes, and paddle with the current back to Anchored Camp. Depending on interest level we will choose 45 min or 2 hr trip or swap on Fri/Sat

  • Descriptor same as above

  • Descriptor same as above

  • Descriptor same as above

There will be 3 hour, 45 minute free time period on both Friday and Saturday set aside specifically for activities but thats your free time to do with it as you choose.   

As a special treat, free helicopter rides will be offered as an activity on Friday and Saturday.  Dwight Bell is bringing his bird!  Limited slots are available so men will be selected through a random drawing.  Just fill out your lottery ticket upon check in if you are interested.  Winners will be announced on Thursday night.  Activity fees will not be refunded.  And you may not get your activity on the day you requested.      

Anchored Camp has all kinds of pastime games for free:  Basketball, Gaga Pit, Sand Volleyball, Corn Hole, Large Chess, Checkers, Jenga and Connect 4.  Inside the pavilion is billiards (pool), Ping Pong and Foosball 

Swimming Pool will be open Friday and Saturday during free time  (hours TBD) no lifeguard provided.  

If you want to play golf?  http://www.chieflandgcc.com/  Chiefland Golf Course is 17 miles away.  

Bring your own boat or kayak or watercraft!  Boat ramp is onsite. Plenty of canoes are provided seems no point in bringing one of those.  Note you are not allowed to leave watercraft in the river overnight.    

Fishermen!  Fishing poles are provided but I bet if you are serious then you would bring your own.  

Check out local spring attractions:  Crystal clear and cold water springs are available in the local area for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.   Check out https://hartsprings.com/  and https://www.floridastateparks.org/parks-and-trails/fanning-springs-state-park

A special roundtable discussion (Saturday Night) on the topic of how the 12 steps and The Larger Story are synergistic, i.e. they fit, support and magnify each other.  Optional but open to anyone who is interested.   

Late arrival or early departure?:  No problem, we can accomodate you.   After you register send an email to [email protected] with your needs.  This is stated again in your confirmation replies.   

Do you need financial assistance?  It is available.  Email [email protected] with your request.  

Registering on a smart phone?   You may need to enable popups to make it work.    For an iPhone: Turn off the switch (show gray NOT green) for "Block Pop Ups".  To do this, select Settings>Safari>Block Pop-ups> set slider to OFF (gray).  If you are thwarted, send an email to [email protected] and we will get you through the process.  


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